Guided Garden & Perfume Tours. Day Trips and other adventures. Let's make memories to treasure for the rest of your life.

Anja travels the world in search of beauty! Beauty in the form of people, places and roses.
Join her and the team on a bespoke tour of private gardens and parks, meeting those who have created these gardens.

2019 Garden Tours

Secret Garden Gems of the Western Cape

1 Day Cape Autumn Rose Tour

Since our Rose Garden Tour in November was such a huge success we decided to do an extra day tour in April. 


Saturday 6th of April

-more details will follow soon-

Click here for pictures of our last tour!

2019 Fragrance Tours

Indulge your senses and transport your existence to the privileged world of rose scents! Book a bespoke tour to delve deep into the heart of flower agriculture and distillation methods for the best smelling roses. Meet world-renowned perfumers who will create your very own, bespoke perfume for you to treasure and enliven your senses for years to come.

The Secrets of Perfume and Rose Oil Revealed Grasse, South of France 

09 - 14 May 2019

Grasse, part of Provence, is known as the world capital of perfume making and was just elected Unesco world heritage.

Revel in the delicate scents of rose and jasmine, perfectly at home within this poetic setting, an alter to floral majesty and perfumery delights. 

While away blissful hours in impeccably preserved medieval architecture, a destination that has gained international acclaim through the works of painter Fragonard, who elegantly captured the historical beauty of this city.

You’ll be guided on a journey of sensorial wonder with guest lectures by specialist perfumers. You’ll uncover the secrets of the rose harvest and oil making process. You’ll learn how to smell, to distinguish your favorite scents and even make your own exquisite and personal perfume to relive the memories once you’re home.

Tickled pink? Pop us an email for details. Very limited group numbers.