Anja Taschner rose alchemist

The sweetness of a flawless rose

… perfectly placed…

will transform your world.

Is your soul yearning for exquisite beauty, the kind reserved for the most fabulous occasions?

Are you ready to dive into the mysterious and powerful realm of rose cultivation

and learn about the transformative power of the most fragrant roses?

Are you in need of highly creative landscaping that uplifts and invigorates?

Do you seek the perfect eco-friendly roses for your garden or event arrangement? 

Are you in need of a designer who takes the time to connect and serve you

with the scents and colors your heart truly desires?


She’s an exquisite bloom cultivator and a captivating speaker on the magic of rose horticulture.

Born to world-renowned rose grower, Ludwig Taschner, Anja has grown up living, breathing and cultivating the best smelling roses of South Africa.

A first-hand witness to the true inspirational, healing and transformative power held in the perfect bloom, this, for Anja, is a lifetime’s love affair. With her dedication to quality, along with her expertise in simply effective growing techniques, decades of experience have made her a master of her craft.

Fragrance Rose Tours 

Indulge your senses and transport your existence to the privileged world of rose scents! Book a bespoke tour to delve deep into the heart of flower agriculture and distillation methods for the best smelling roses. Meet world-renowned perfumers who will create your very own, bespoke perfume for you to treasure and enliven your senses for years to come.

Rose Floristry

Elevate your event to luxurious heights with bespoke flower arranging from the very best. A genius at selecting the right rose for her client, Anja has years of experience of working with masses of garden roses in far off locations. From the bridal bouquet to the pews, live that fairytale wedding you’ve always dreamed about. Impress your guests with the intoxicating aromas of the finest garden roses.

Rose Art & Artifacts

Anja travels the world with an eye for beauty and rarity. Take a piece of that wonder to uplift your home. Choose from limited edition prints of Anja’s art and photography, or limited, specially chosen rose products found on her travels. With a true appreciation for the rare and unique artifact, Anja curates fine merchandise available for other souls who are enlivened by exceptional beauty. 

Find the rose that was meant for you.

Work with Anja, Rose Alchemist.   

Get in touch today on + 27 21 8844552

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